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Pâtisserie Design

December 12th, 2015

Design of a new family-owned homemade pâtisserie on Sukhumvit 49 in Bangkok. Our intent is to create a simple and clean space that supports the aroma of its main products – freshly-baked bread, pastries, and teas.

The space is renovated from a shophouse that once housed a pub and a Ramen restaurant. The renovation is underway and, hopefully, complete by the end of January 2016.

Skylight, Pantry, Kitchen

May 10th, 2015

Kitchen design in collaboration with Kitchenette Thailand for our single-family house project in Sukhumvit 31. Soon to be installed.

Just finished a presentation for a bedroom and a playroom for triplet boys in time for the long weekend.

We hope everyone have a good Songkran festival. Happy Thai New Year 2014!

A rendering of our interior renovation of a two-story mid-century modern architecture mixed with double Thai gable houses.

The covered patio on the ground floor, which is typical in Thai traditional houses, is currently being used as a factory. Once the renovation is complete, this space will be turned into a semi-outdoor living area for a young family of five.

Spent a beautiful morning at our site visit earlier today.

Images from today’s site visit at one of our hi-end residential projects in Bangkok. Soft, ambient natural light is abundant here. Floor leveled. Ceiling being worked on. Cabinetry will go in next. Can’t wait to see this realized.

From our site visit today. Landscape work is in. And, after more than a year, interior architectural work finally started!

A year later interior architecture work is about to begin for this multifunctional development consists of a residence, an office, and a showroom.

(Architecture is designed by TLTD Architects Co., Ltd.)

This all-weather multi-function sala (Thai pavilion) is proposed to be built on part of a parking lot in front of a hotel as part of its renovation plan. This hotel is located on a busy street in a northern city in Thailand. Besides its main functions as a pavilion, the underlying purposes of this structure are to create a green space that blocks the street view and traffic noises from the main hotel building; to reduce the presence of cars and asphalt; since originally hotel guests must walk through the parking lot every time they go in and out, this sala provides a walkway, which completely separates humans from cars; and, lastly, to provide bike parking facilities to help promote biking culture in the town.

The main design of the pavilion itself consists of overlapping screen doors, which can be used to create different level of privacy for different uses of the space.

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