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Inca Trail

May 18th, 2010

Here are some images from our 4-day trek on Inca Trail in Peru. Now I’m not sure how we survived this when nowadays just walking up two flights of stairs to a BTS station feels almost excruciating.

In retrospect, the trek felt as if neverending but, fortunately, the surrounding was magnificent and the weather felt good (enough). From this we learned the importance of being in a supportive environment (beautiful landscape + comfortable weather); having a strong and decent motivation (to survive this trip and get home safely to taste stewed pork shoulder one more time in this life – yes, this is decent); and, lastly, setting a clear goal, making sure to head in the right direction (Machu Picchu), and just not giving up.

Welcome to Our Blog

May 9th, 2010

After settling down in our studio near Chaophraya River in Bangkok, Thailand, six months ago, we finally have a chance to start a blog for our company. Working here so far has been quite an interesting experience for us. One thing we found is, on top of being able to do the things we love, working in a nice space with a beautiful view and an open sky makes it really easy to enjoy working and be happy.

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