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Happy New Year 2013

December 31st, 2012

Time, once gone, never comes back but it always leaves behind patterns we could all learn from. Wishing everyone plenty of quality time in the year 2013 from Studio Aeroplane!


December 12th, 2012


First Snow of Winter 2012 in Gifu

Gifu, Japan (November 2012)

Kumano Kodo

December 1st, 2012

This November we had an opportunity to travel to Japan to attend Good Design Award 2012 Ceremony in Tokyo. While in Japan, we decided to add a side trip, which included a memorable 4-day hiking trip on Kumado Kodo Pilgrimage Trails in Kii Prefecture. This was our first time being in the woods in Japan although we tend to stay near civilization throughout most of our hikes. Going back and forth between nature and civilization we were really impressed by the equally well-maintained and well-managed environment in both settings. Evidently, continuous efforts are put in to keep the nature pristine as well as the towns in order. With everything seems to be thought out in Japan there are always things we can learn from. Inspirations can be found everywhere. It indeed confirms our belief that good things do not happen by coincidence but rather accomplished.

During this trip we encountered many nice helpful people and places that made a lasting good impression on us, here are a few we would like to mention:

Blue Sky Guesthouse
A super clean, small guesthouse we spent one night at in Kumano Hongu. It had just been fully renovated due to damages by flooding a few years earlier. The owner of the guesthouse is an energetic young man who went out of his way to help us with our travel around the area since there are not many buses passing between the mountain towns.

Minakata Kumagusu Archives
After arriving in Tanabe City by chance since we missed the bus to our next planned destination, we decided to spend the night here. It turned out that the beautiful building we had been eyeing on the travel brochure is here! So, after a laid-back morning stroll the next day, we visited the archives. The archives include a new modern building, a house Minakata Kumagusu used to work and live in, his garden, and his favorite camphor tree. I may have seen a camphor tree before but never really paid much attention to it. This tree in particular is indeed special. I find its magnificent height sensorially ties all the buildings together as well as provides just enough shade for the open space beneath. Writing about it now makes me miss standing under it again already.

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