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July 16th, 2014



Mandalay, Myanmar (July 2014)

*We happened to visit Mandalay while a curfew was imposed. People were required to stay indoor between 10pm and 6am. During our stay we passed by this interesting shelter that seems to be someone’s home. I don’t know for sure if this could be counted as indoor but it sure reminds us of an avant-garde architecture concept from the 60s. 


February 20th, 2014

Flowers on our balcony

Studio Aeroplane, Bangkok, Thailand (February 2014)


December 19th, 2013


After two-hour bumpy speed boat ride from Phang-Nga

Ta-Chai Island, The Similan Islands National Park, Phang-Nga, Thailand (December 2013)


July 30th, 2013


A Pet Goat at a Construction Site

Chonburi, Thailand (July 2013)

*This goat was sold to the contractor while he was a tiny kid, for 500 baht, right around the time of the factory’s groundbreaking. Several months later this is how much he has grown along the progress of the construction. He definitely makes our site visits something to look forward to indeed.


December 12th, 2012


First Snow of Winter 2012 in Gifu

Gifu, Japan (November 2012)


June 23rd, 2011


An Isan Version of Duck Architecture: Kratib

Jim Thompson Farm, Nakhonratchsima, Thailand (December 2009)

*Kratib (กระติบ) is an folk invention of a portable sticky-rice container widely used in the northeastern part of Thailand. It consists of two interlocking cylinder-shape bowls made from woven bamboo stripes, which can maintain the temperature of  cooked sticky rice while allowing moisture to seep through. (Credit: กระติบข้าว ก่องข้าว ภูมิปัญญาคนอีสาน)


April 4th, 2011


Permanently Temporary Architecture

Chantaburi, Thailand (April 2011)

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