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Custom-Design Daybed Sofa

December 22nd, 2018

Custom-design daybed sofa by our studio. Because its setting is a narrow, elongated space, we designed the shape of this sofa similar to a fan, which can provide a large seating surface without taking up too much width of the room. The gentle curve seating and the gentle angular back allow two users to lie down comfortably at different corners. Soft, rayon fabric is used for upholstery where the body touches the furniture for maximum comfort.

Weather Station For Kids

August 2nd, 2016

Weather Station, developed for a children playground in Bangkok, is an installation that aims to encourage children to appreciate a relationship between nature and science through the movement of wind. The installation consists of an array of wind vanes, hand-held fans, and anemometers. Kids will be able to create their own wind and learn about wind direction and speed. Data collected by anemometers can later be used to create another interactive art piece to be installed elsewhere in the premises.



The Yellow Stairways

December 18th, 2014

Our art installation project proposal, “The Yellow Stairways,” explores the possibilities of creating a harmonious public/outdoor environment that encourages both interaction and reflection among users. It intends to create a metaphorical atmosphere in which infinite imagination is the ultimate goal.

A bar stool and a counter stool from Museum Collection we designed for INGFAH Patio & Outdoor Furniture is currently on display at ‘Slow Hand Design: Thai-A-Spice Exhibition.’ The show opens this week at Superstudio Più in Milan, Italy, as part of Milan Design Week 2013. Stop by if you are in the area.

A bedroom lounge chair we recently designed for INGFAH Patio & Outdoor Furniture.

Today we are pleased to announce that our Garden Chair Collection, designed for INGFAH Patio and Outdoor Furniture, is awarded DEmark 2012 and G-Mark 2012, by Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion and Japan Institute of Design Promotion, respectively.

The collection will be on display at DEmark 2012 Exhibition at BIG+BIH Oct 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand, between October 16 & 21, 2012. Then, at Good Design Exhibition 2012 in Tokyo, Japan, between November 23 & 25, 2012. For more information, please visit: DEmark Award 2012 and G-Mark Award 2012.

INGFAH’s Museum Collection

October 3rd, 2011

We are glad to announce that an outdoor furniture collection, ‘Museum Collection’, we designed for INGFAH Patio & Outdoor Furniture has recently been awarded DEmark 2011 and Good Design Award 2011.

The design concept of Museum Bench Collection plays with a notion that a bench is a shared space used by family, friends, and strangers. In Thai culture personal space between strangers is quite ambiguous while, on the contrary, it is almost virtually non-existing between close family members and friends.

The collection consists of a stool, a 2-seat bench, a 3-seat bench, and a barstool. A 4-seat curve bench is in development at the moment and will be available on view at BIG+BIH October 2011.

Since April we have been developing a low-back dining chair for a residential project in Bangkok. In participation of the final version, which is presently in production, we thought it’d be nice to take a look back at its brief history here a bit.

Prototype I: Early May 2011

Prototype II:  Late May 2011

Prototype III: June 2011 

Prototype IV: July 2011

Having fun dressing up our new modular product display concept.


Display System

This commercial display system is one of several design concepts we developed for an hi-end culinary equipment company in Bangkok, Thailand. It is to be used in several distinctive public settings, such as, in department stores or at trade shows. While it must feature modularity, mobility, and display flexibility, strategically, the display system itself is designed to promote environmental brand awareness as well.

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