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Spent a beautiful morning at our site visit earlier today.

Images from today’s site visit at one of our hi-end residential projects in Bangkok. Soft, ambient natural light is abundant here. Floor leveled. Ceiling being worked on. Cabinetry will go in next. Can’t wait to see this realized.

From our site visit today. Landscape work is in. And, after more than a year, interior architectural work finally started!

A year later interior architecture work is about to begin for this multifunctional development consists of a residence, an office, and a showroom.

(Architecture is designed by TLTD Architects Co., Ltd.)

This all-weather multi-function sala (Thai pavilion) is proposed to be built on part of a parking lot in front of a hotel as part of its renovation plan. This hotel is located on a busy street in a northern city in Thailand. Besides its main functions as a pavilion, the underlying purposes of this structure are to create a green space that blocks the street view and traffic noises from the main hotel building; to reduce the presence of cars and asphalt; since originally hotel guests must walk through the parking lot every time they go in and out, this sala provides a walkway, which completely separates humans from cars; and, lastly, to provide bike parking facilities to help promote biking culture in the town.

The main design of the pavilion itself consists of overlapping screen doors, which can be used to create different level of privacy for different uses of the space.

Lobby design concept images for a hotel located in Northern Thailand.

Having fun dressing up our new modular product display concept.

This concept is initiated from a simple question: in a world where everything can be done through information technology, why do people still come out to shop in a store? One obvious answer is to get a “personal touch.” Whether it may be between human and human, human and products, or human and space, it’s what makes people travel to a store. Based on this, we are proposing to combine advantages from information technology realm with advantages from physical realm to encourage human interaction and enhance personal touch shoppers get whilst shopping in a store.

For this particular concept we play with an idea of creating a new shopping experience for clothes from typical product-to-market procedures, such as, inventory, manufacturing, store display, and online marketing. To achieve this, we add inventory and manufacturing process along with meaningful information technology to in-store experience.

Instead of displaying ready-made merchandise, the store is to operate like a quasi-tailor’s boutique where shoppers can customize their own outfit based on design templates and adornment details provided by the store. In-store inventory lets shoppers see and feel the fabrics before selecting. To help shoppers decide the right look for them, they can virtually try on the outfit at in-store kiosks and share their look and get feedback from friends elsewhere. Once all materials and design are selected, shoppers can see in-store tailors putting the pieces together while waiting for the finished product.

Furthermore, shoppers can also design their own outfits from an online store before going down to the store to select materials or to pick up the finished outfit at the store.

While this store concept presents shoppers with atypical modern clothes shopping experience (such as, touring inventory, touching actual raw materials, establishing a relationship with the person who makes their clothes) and technology, this concept also strives to find a balance between the celebration of human craftsmanship and the economically-sound benefits, though faceless, of mass-production.

Stair hall privacy screen finally installed and finished. Some of the furniture is in. Hopefully, we can photograph this project soon.

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