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A bar stool and a counter stool from Museum Collection we designed for INGFAH Patio & Outdoor Furniture is currently on display at ‘Slow Hand Design: Thai-A-Spice Exhibition.’ The show opens this week at Superstudio Più in Milan, Italy, as part of Milan Design Week 2013. Stop by if you are in the area.

INGFAH’s Museum Collection

October 3rd, 2011

We are glad to announce that an outdoor furniture collection, ‘Museum Collection’, we designed for INGFAH Patio & Outdoor Furniture has recently been awarded DEmark 2011 and Good Design Award 2011.

The design concept of Museum Bench Collection plays with a notion that a bench is a shared space used by family, friends, and strangers. In Thai culture personal space between strangers is quite ambiguous while, on the contrary, it is almost virtually non-existing between close family members and friends.

The collection consists of a stool, a 2-seat bench, a 3-seat bench, and a barstool. A 4-seat curve bench is in development at the moment and will be available on view at BIG+BIH October 2011.

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