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Skylight, Pantry, Kitchen

May 10th, 2015

Kitchen design in collaboration with Kitchenette Thailand for our single-family house project in Sukhumvit 31. Soon to be installed.

Spent a beautiful morning at our site visit earlier today.

Images from today’s site visit at one of our hi-end residential projects in Bangkok. Soft, ambient natural light is abundant here. Floor leveled. Ceiling being worked on. Cabinetry will go in next. Can’t wait to see this realized.

From our site visit today. Landscape work is in. And, after more than a year, interior architectural work finally started!

A year later interior architecture work is about to begin for this multifunctional development consists of a residence, an office, and a showroom.

(Architecture is designed by TLTD Architects Co., Ltd.)

A couple concept images from our new from-the-ground-up interior architecture project on Sukhumvit 31 Road.

A schematic design concept for one of our office design projects.

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