Questions we asked about how society’s expectations set for our children impact them, ourselves, and society as a whole

Having to work on an exhibition about children without having any children in the project team, we reminisced about our childhood experience. Each member, although growing up in similar cultural environment, experienced childhood in his or her own individual way. With this in mind, while the exhibition’s core statement is anchored around the idea of rethinking and recalibrating social norms towards raising our children particularly in an increasingly globalized world, it is also important that everyone is able to contribute to its content because the experience of growing up is first-hand to all.

This exhibition is divided into three main sections:
- Children’s Day mottos traditionally given by Thai prime ministers engraved onto plywood panels
- Curated quotes about children from Thai and foreign literature
- A platform for visitors to share thoughts and opinions


The Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand (PUBAT)

Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture
Department of Fine Arts, Ministry of Culture

The 43rd Bangkok National Book Fair
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
Bangkok, Thailand

Exhibition Dates:  
March 26 – April 9, 2015

Scope of Service:
Exhibition Design
Environmental Graphic Design

Producers • Charun Hometientong, Siwaroj Darnsomsathit, Suchada Sahaskul, Prabda Yoon
Organizers • The Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand
Content Editor • Suchart Sawasdsri
Exhibition Logo Design • Prabda Yoon
Exhibition Catalogue Design • wrongdesign
Exhibition Installation • SCG Paper