An elderly-friendly living quarter in a two-story tropical house that is open to a seamless flow

Nestled in a private residential compound with an expansive greenspace, this two-story tropical house is open to indoor-outdoor flow and daily visits from family members. Programmatically, the ground floor is dedicated to the homeowner's elderly parents, and the more private upper floor is to herself and her partner. Each floor consists of its own public and private areas tailored to meet the specific requirements of different generations.

The house's architecture and interior are designed to be in harmonious juxtaposition with each other. The architecture is characterized by a combination of exposed concrete slabs, red bricks, and slat facades, and the interior by a gentle, refined aesthetic mirroring the homeowner's sensitivity to her daily interactions. Visually, this results in a contrast between finely-finished, tactile interior materials and rugged architectural structures.

The public area on the ground floor is open to unobstructed views of gardens on its north and south sides. Its floor plan is defined by humble, low-profile furniture custom-designed to complement the refined yet understated interior aesthetic intended to maintain uninterrupted flow. In contrast, the private area is warm, intimate, and adorned with decorative elements. Throughout the floor, accessibility features are seamlessly woven into the design, ensuring comfort, practicality, and safety.

Ms. Apple R.

Suksawad Road
Bangkok, Thailand

Completion Date:
August 2023

Scope of Service:
Residential Interior Architecture & Design
Furniture Design

The Juxtaposition Between Roughness and Refinement:
While some exposed architectural structures are intentionally preserved as part of interior architecture, interior materials, finishes, and furnishings are carefully chosen to create a refined yet understated aesthetic. MEP systems are also meticulously integrated to provide visual and indoor environmental comforts for users.

Embracing the Grace of Aging:
Inspired by the homeowner's parents' unique sense of style, the master bedroom is adorned with elegant decorative elements, featuring a combination of a muted color scheme, a luster fabric mural, slivers of gold patinas, and soft color accents. The accentuated contrast between the light and dark surfaces subtly adds sensory stimulation. The ensuite master bathroom presents a bright, natural-light-filled space with elderly-friendly features, such as a shower seat and handrails, deliberately integrated into the overall experience.

Design & Construction Coordination:
A comprehensive design and thorough construction planning help ensure a cohesive integration, especially in areas with exposed architectural structures. Similarly, regular site visits from the early construction process can prevent design and construction discrepancies and are proven cost and time-efficient in the long run.