A live-work-play quarter in a two-story tropical house that intersects between an urban retreat and a private museum

Situated on the upper floor of a two-story house that nestles in a private residential compound, this residence provides an urban retreat for a professional couple. With panoramic windows oriented towards a private garden in the north, it offers open views while maintaining privacy from the surrounding neighborhood. The design of the residence juxtaposes rugged architectural structures with a warm, detail-oriented interior, blending a sophisticated aesthetic with the homeowner's youthful energy. This combination of contrasting elements creates a unique and personalized home.

The public area is crafted as a space for leisure and recreational activities, catering to the homeowner's hobbies such as figurine and art toy collecting, pastry baking, and golf. The living room integrates living and exhibition spaces through full-width, concealable built-in display cases, offering different levels of display visibility and versatility of the overall environment. Across from the display cases are column-to-column telescoping windows with low seating overlooking an expansive garden. During the day, the green shades from the garden are reflected onto the display cases, bringing nature inside as preferred by the homeowner. The private area includes a master bedroom suite and an archive room. Exhibition showcases are also deliberately incorporated into these rooms, providing additional display spaces requiring alternative levels of privacy.

Ms. Apple R.

Suksawad Road
Bangkok, Thailand

Completion Date:
August 2023

Scope of Service:
Residential Interior Architecture & Design
Furniture Design

The Reflection of a Collaborative Effort:
The living room, designed as versatile as a private museum, enables the homeowner, an avid collector of pop-culture figurines and art toys, to freely arrange, exhibit, and update her growing collections to a private audience, continuously enriching the space with her youthful energy.

Dining Room, Kitchen, and Fitness:
The dining room and the kitchen are centered around an oversized island where the homeowner can interact with guests while cooking or baking with large trays. Adjacent to the kitchen is a small space separated by a full-height sliding door. This space is designed for meditation and golf-putting practice.

The column-to-column telescoping windows with window seats facing northward offer an expansive view of a private garden. Additionally, the adjustable slatted facade on the exterior provides a layer of privacy for the homeowner.

Master Bedroom Suite:
The interior characteristic of the master bedroom suite embodies clean lines and natural, organic materials, such as grasscloth wallcoverings and a custom-design artisanal reed mat for the headboard. With an exhibition showcase incorporated into this space, the overall environment illustrates a blend of serene ambiance and an unexpected touch of pop elements, reflecting the homeowner's distinctive personality.

The ensuite bathroom offers a bright, natural-light-filled space with frosted windows on all exterior walls.

Archive Room:
With its entrance slightly tucked away, the archive room offers a secluded, meditative space for organizing, preparing, and repairing the items waiting to be exhibited. This room also features an exhibition wall for smaller items and books.

Due to the limited space, the exhibition space in the archive room is made possible by a strategically placed double-sided cabinet that shares functionality with the adjacent living room. A soundproofing membrane is embedded inside the cabinet to prevent sound from traveling between the rooms.

Comprehensive Design & Construction Coordination:
A thorough design and construction planning help ensure a cohesive integration, especially in areas with exposed architectural structures. Similarly, regular site visits from the early construction process can prevent design and construction discrepancies and are proven cost and time-efficient in the long run.