grandma's backyard bench, a senior-friendly furniture design by studio aeroplane


Senior-friendly furniture designed to support the physical and emotional strengths of our beloved grandmother

This bench is part of a renovation of a 40-year-old house that belongs to our grandmother. This renovation is undertaken to make the house better facilitate senior living. One of the features we find that can help strengthen the physical and emotional health of senior family members is to keep them active throughout the day. Therefore, by adding seating at various spots within a short distance apart, we hope to encourage our grandmother to take a walk and enjoy the change of scenery every day.

Placed in a semi-outdoor vestibule, Grandma’s Backyard Bench serves dual functions. Firstly, it provides an outdoor seat where our grandmother can feel the afternoon breeze from the backyard garden while having a clear view of the front gate. Secondly, it serves as a catch-all console for all family members. Constructed with solid golden teak that matches the existing wood frame around the house, the bench is designed to stay with the family for generations. The solid armrests with full grip and smooth edges mimic the handle of a walking cane to assist in getting up and sitting down. Additionally, its seat is intentionally widened so the grandmother can share seating with her grandchildren.

Ms. Jiraporn L.

Completion Date:  
December 2020

Scope of Service:
Furniture Design

Fabricator • Plato