A sound time machine that takes the audience through a world history shaped by the invention of recording and radio broadcasting technology

This interactive kiosk is part of a museum about news and media at Thai PBS, a public broadcasting company. From its invention in the late 19th Century, recording and radio broadcasting technology transformed how households received information and thus made a significant impact on society and the world. Messages of Sounds stores an archive of recorded sounds that have been influential, from sounds in pop culture, such as the iconic Mario Bros. soundtrack, to historic speeches, such as The Berlin Wall Speech by Ronald Reagan. For this installation, one sound is curated per year. The audience can listen to the sounds from a wooden headphone and fast forward or go back in time freely by turning a wooden knob. The kiosk includes five stations, allowing up to 10 audiences to interact with it simultaneously.


Thai PBS Museum
Bangkok, Thailand

Completion Date:
September 2012

Scope of Service:
Museum Design
Exhibition Design
Interactive Installation
Interaction Design
Software and Hardware Development

Producer • Prabda Yoon
Fabrication & Installation • FiF House