jp residence, a residential interior design by studio aeroplane


A tailor-made pad designed for the homeowner's enjoyment of every moment throughout the day

Nearly two decades after designing her first apartment, our long-time friend and client approached us to create the same space for the next chapter of her life. As a professional and independent person who has developed a distinctive way of living and an uncompromising aesthetic preference, she requires a space that reflects her evolved lifestyle, such as work-from-home. With more time at home, aesthetically, the design aims to induce positive emotions and memorable experiences throughout the day.

Due to the limited construction timeframe given to this project, strategic space planning enables us to do more with less. For instance, in the living area, an introduction of a woven screen partition with arch openings near the main entrance and practical grouping of lighting help create zoning in an otherwise open space. The partition also serves three additional purposes: an inviting entryway with a built-in shoe rack, a space-saving dining nook, and an interior vestibule to the kitchen. The use of woven screens maintains the openness of the living area and thus avoids any obscure corners. In the bedroom, the headboard wall is re-positioned to free up some space for a new walk-in closet. This rearrangement not only adds functionality but also enhances privacy in the sleeping area from the living area.

Ms. J.P.

Ari Soi 1
Bangkok, Thailand

Completion Date:
November 2023

Scope of Service:
Residential Interior Design