A design solution for converting an underused room into a versatile, multi-functional one

For this small renovation project, our client aims to convert a spare room in her house into a guest bedroom suite. This suite is intended for relatives and friends who live overseas to stay during their holiday visits. Due to the long distance, such visits are typically infrequent and last only days or weeks. To avoid having the sight of a sea of empty beds most of the time and optimize the year-round utility of this room, we suggest creating a multipurpose space that benefits both guests and homeowners.

To comfortably accommodate at least two adults and two young children in a room with a total floor area of 28 sq.m. and a 3.30 m high ceiling, a raised platform is introduced as a center of activities revolving within it. The platform, covered with soft artisan mats, serves a variety of functions, including a large seating surface and storage for bulky items, such as suitcases. When the room is in use as a bedroom, up to four twin-size foldaway futons can be set up for sleeping. Other times, two hydraulic tables hidden underneath can be raised, opening up more ways to utilize the platform. Furthermore, the room also features an erasable board, a writing desk, a bench, and a bookcase. Lastly, with plenty of headroom, overhead storages are incorporated into the cabinetry for storing rarely used and seasonal items, such as winter coats and gear.

Ms. Oui T.

Bangkok, Thailand

Completion Date:
January 2024

Scope of Service:
Residential Interior Design

Ouis Guest Suite_Sequence_C04